Khenpo Negi Biography

Khenpo Negi

Khenpo Acharya Ramesh Negi is the Founder and Khenpo Head Scholar of the Bodhichitta Foundation. Khenpo Ramish teaches Buddhist philosophy, meditation practice and Sanskrit.

Born in Kinnaur, Northern India, Khenpo-la left home at age seventeen to enter into monkhood. He spent 7 years in Tashi Jong Monastery of the Drukpa Kagyud tradition, which was founded by H.E. Khamtrul Rinpoche. There he studied under various masters and obtained instructions in Sutrayana and Tantrayana Buddhism. He then spent the next 10 years furthering his studies in Sutrayana Buddhism at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies in Varanasi and graduated with a PhD in Buddhist Philosophy on the Heart Sutra.
Khenpo Acharya Ramesh Negi has a deep and strong foundation in Vajrayana Buddhism. He received extensive Mahamudra teachings and empowerments from various well-known Khenpos such as Kagyud Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso. He also received Dzog chen teachings from Khenpo Palden Sherab, in addition to many sacred teachings from other well-known Khenpos and Rinpoches. Khenpo-la is very experienced in teaching the Buddha Dharma to both Sangha and lay followers as he has travelled and taught extensively throughout Nepal, India and in Europe.
Khenpo-la has held several important teaching positions at the Vikramashila Institute and Jangchub Choeling Monastery in Pokhara, Nepal. He is also the main teacher at the Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal. These three institutes were established by Shangpa Rinpoche. He was the resident teacher of the famous Nyingmapa Monastery in Sarnath for 3 years. Khenpo-la also taught Sanskrit as well as Buddha Dharma at the Tibetan University.
Khenpo-la is a well-known scholar on the Heart Sutra as well as teachings of the Madhyamika School. He is very experienced in meditation and is able to teach meditation using skillful means. He has the unique ability to convey to his students, the essence of the most complex and profound teachings using simple methods in an approachable manner. Khenpo-la is well-liked and well-respected by his numerous students from many different countries. Many consider him to be an exponent on the teachings of all major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.